Peer-reviewed Publications


Identification of selection signatures involved in performance traits in a paternal broiler line O.A.C. Almeida, G.C.M. Moreira, F.M. Rezende, C. Boschiero, J. O. Peixoto, A.M.G. Ibelli, M.C. Ledur, F.J. Novais and L.L. Coutinho(2019) BMC Genomics,20:449

Our aim was to identify selection signatures in a paternal broiler TT line at generations 7th and 16th of selection and to investigate the genes annotated in these regions.


Identification of a metabolomic signature associated with feed efficiency in beef cattle F.J. Novais , P.R.L. Pires, P.A. Alexandre, R.A. Dromms, A.H. Iglesias, J.B.S. Ferraz, M.P. Styczynski and H. Fukumasu(2017) BMC Genomics,20(1):8

Our aim was to evaluate the potential of serum metabolites to identify Feed Efficiency of beef cattle before they enter the feedlot.


Circulating leptin and its muscle gene expression in Nellore cattle with divergent feed efficiency L.F.M. Mota, C.M. Bonafé, P.A. Alexandre, M.H. Santana, F.J. Novais , E. Toriyama, A.V. Pires, S.L. Silva, P.R. Leme, J.B.S. Ferraz and H. Fukumasu(2017) Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology,8:71

In this study, circulating leptin and its gene expression in muscle were evaluated in two groups of young Nellore bulls with divergent feed efficiency.


Visual body-scores selection and its influence on body size and ultrasound carcass traits in Nellore cattle M. N. Bonin J. B. S. Ferraz V. B. Pedrosa S. L. Silva R. C. Gomes D. C. Cucco M. H. A. Santana J. H. A. Campos V. N. Barbosa F. S. F. Castro F. J. Novais E. C. M. Oliveira (2015) Journal of Animal Science, 93 (12):5597–5606

Genetic parameters, genetic trends, and genetic progress of carcass traits were estimated for 12,447 Nellore individuals from different Brazilian herds. Carcass traits evaluated by ultrasound and visual body scores are eligible for selection and can be used in genetic improvement programs in Nellore cattle.


Genome-wide association with residual body weight gain in Bos indicus cattle M.H.A. Santana, R.C. Gomes, Y.T. Utsunomiya, H.H.R. Neves, F.J. Novais, M.N. Bonin, H. Fukumasu, J.F. Garcia, P.A. Alexandre, G.A. Oliveira Junior, L.L. Coutinho (2015) Genetics and Molecular Research,14(2):5229-5233

Here, we identified candidate genes and genomic regions associated with residual body weight gain (RWG), we conducted a genome-wide association study (GWAS) with 720 Nellore cattle using the GRAMMAR-Gamma association test.