About me

Hello! I’m Francisco, a Dsc. student in animal science and pastures at the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture at the University of São Paulo (USP). I have experience in animal breeding, genetics, and molecular biology. Currently, my research focuses on Multi-Omics Data integration methods applied to Nellore meat tenderness. During my M.Sc., I worked to identify potential biomarkers associated with feed efficiency as well as to understand the molecular process that explains feed efficiency variation.

Outside of my professional life I enjoy cooking, drawing and spending time with family.

Research Interests

  • Understand the gaps between phenotype and genotype using quantitative genetics, omics data, bioinformatics and statistics.

  • Research how Artificial Inteligence methods can be applied to animal breeding and animal production.

“The whole biology is thus a counterpoint between two themes:

1-“astonishing variety in individual particulars;

2-“astonishing constancy in fundamental mechanisms”

— Alberts, Bruce